Full Name: Angelo Leone (lee-OHN)
Titles Held: Grand Master of the Holy Order
Date of Birth: 16th Sign of The Healer, 3074AB
Place of Birth: Strathen, Tovial Empire

Race: Human
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Dark Green
Height: 5’10”
Other notable features: Freckles, streak of grey in front of hair, scars on right side of face and neck

Ravanna (best friend/boss)

From the grey hair to the scars, Angelo looks like someone who’s been through a lot. He is the Grand Master of the Holy Order, a group of soldiers specifically assigned to protect the Supreme Herald, wherever he goes. In addition, because of Ravanna’s illness, Grand Master Leone tends to be the middleman between Ravanna and anyone who wishes to speak with him. Angelo has known Ravanna for almost two decades and cares very much for his well-being, however, he gets agitated knowing that Ravanna is taking on more work than he can handle.

Personality-wise, Angelo is warm and sympathetic. His life as a soldier and bodyguard leaves him longing for good conversation and genuine connections with other people. If it were up to him, he’d quit the military life and settle down without a second thought. Despite his resentment towards his job, he still performs it without hesitation.

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